Company profile:

Skin Botanicals, Inc. started in Davao City, Philippines  on April 08, 2002. We provided  natural derived skin and personal care products for  consumers who are in search for a better alternative to choose from synthetic components to a naturally  derived ingredients from our mother Earth.  We owe our existence for over a decade  to our dealers and partners and continue to innovate  more quality products and services for the company and its constituents. In 2008, we acquired our manufacturing plant  located at Marapangi Tres, Toril, Davao City with a total area of 6,400 sqm and expanded to household  division. In recent years, we focused on the idea of providing small and micro  enterprenuers  our services and technical expertise to assist them in their start in the homecare and cosmetic industry, Our cosmetics division is now being handled by our affiliate company,  Kimworld Industries, Inc.

Skin Botanicals, Inc as a direct selling company  aims  to have more quality products to offer to our clients  ranging from skin care, household, makeup and color cosmetics and a lot more in the future.   With our greater manufacturing capability comes our greater hope for more productive and extensive growth for  the company, our business partners and dealers  with the  satisfaction of our  users nationwide and globally.  


1. To produce the highest quality of non-synthetic skin care and household products that would exceed customer satisfaction, while acting in a responsible manner to protect  the environment,  

2. To provide a wide range of opportunities with an advance marketing strategies to secure financial future of our channels,

3. To widen our technical capabilities to produce a naturally derived quality products while protecting our environment. 


1. To have our products in local and global markets and become the  best leading  non synthetic  skin care  and household product   distributor in the Philippines,

2. To maximize company growth and to satisfy our partners and  share holders, 

3. To  become the first choice of beauty products in the Philippines.