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An old ancient herb formula with broad spectrum of VITAMIN E that work together to enhance the youthful potential of your skin. Clinical test shows: it has 98% effects to be youth renewing. The product you are about to experience can change your skin age. Discover the youthful glowing skin in our Botanical Cream. You'll love the way this age defying treatment, because it brightens and refines skin texture as it vanishes dull and lifeless cell. It can erase fine lines, wrinkles, scars, caused by acne and freckles.


*Daily application (morning and evening)
*Face Should be moistened upon application of the cream.
*use small amount of cream , enough to evenly spread out cream all over face and neck.

A 7 gram botanical cream will usually last 3 weeks.
After using Botanical Cream for 6-10 days, you will see the difference.


Before the first use of this botanical cream, test for allergic reactions. apply a small amount of cream on any sensitive part of the body (example: inner forearm)


Sometimes during application new users can experience redness and itcheness . This is normal phenomenon because it's only a pigment dropping reaction

1.Eat more fruits and vegetables
2.Eat less hot pepper or any chilly food
3.have enough sleep

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