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*Rich source of calories

*High Fiber

*Vitamin B

*Vitamin B12

*Vitamin E



*Controls Diabetes and Hypertension

*Lower LDL Cholesterol

*Soothe skin rashes and irritations

*Prevent Alzheimer Disease

Corn Coffee is a healthy beverage that comes with the presence of a quality nutrients within it.

It is made from native variety of corn for centuries. The great taste of aroma can be enjoyed hot or cold.

It is all natural, no caffeine and no side effects as you drink it everyday.

High fiber content is one of the benefits from corn that lower cholesterol levels and reduce risk of colon cancer.

Adding a cup of coffee to your diet can yield to much greater good health and body functions.

 Organic molasses is high in mineral content. It is an energy booster as well as a natural laxative and it is best

to be taken first thing in the morning before food. This will allow molasses to re-mineralize our body without

obstruction and provide a healthy start of the day. A tablespoon of organic molasses contains 20% of the daily recommended calcium,

22.5% magnesium and almost 40% of iron. It will prevent chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety and related nervous disorders,

chronic ailments, such as arthritis and rheumatism, tumors, constipation, heart palpitations,  anemia and ache problems.

We can experience improve moods, clearer skin, renewed hair growth and more regular and softer bowel movements.


Corn Kernel, Raw Cane Sugar (Organic)


Put one (1) coffee bag with 200 mL hot water, leave for 2-3 minutes. Add honey if desired.

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